Calculating the Cost of Cutter

It might be hard to calculate how much havoc clutter is causing you in terms of lost peace of mind, loss of time, and most importantly the energy drain that it is on your life.


But there is one form of potential energy that is easily quantifiable, and that's money. Check out the clutter calculator below to see how much clutter in your home or office is costing you. 

Clutter Calculator 

clutter calculator instructions:

  1. List each room or area in your house, up to 16 spaces, or list your whole house as one space. Remember to consider attics, basements, and garages.

  2. Fill in the percentage of each room or area that you feel is given over to clutter. Be sure to include the closets within each space. 

  3. Click calculate to see the results. If you changed any variables, click the calculate button to see updated results. 

  4. Take a screenshot for your records and get other members of your household to fill it out as well.

  5. For additional shock value you can use your personal calculator to multiply the annual total by the number of years it's been like that, or the number of years it will remain that way. 


If you're ready to see what your life would be like without the extra weight, please reach out to me.