Unlike traditional organization, where someone organizes your space for you, KonMari Consultants help you transform yourself into a more organized person—no matter how impossible that idea might seem. We work together to declutter, and then find the right place for each item, so they all have a home. Best part is that you take these skills with you for the rest of your life.

Unlike what's shown in the Netflix show, KonMari consultants work with you through the whole process. I guide you to make choices based on love instead of fear or guilt. This is challenging to do on your own. I know, because whenever a client claims they've decluttered a particular category recently, I say, "Well, let's just take a look." Soon half of the allegedly sorted items are in the goodbye area.  


Yes, I was seduced by nature's incredible builder and decorator: the bowerbird. These birds build spectacular structures and then decorate with exquisite taste and sensitivity. I fell in love with them the first time I saw one in a David Attenborough nature documentary. Apparently he was impressed too.  

Just seeing the lovely little male coming out, as pleased as Punch, and putting a flower in one particular place on this lawn in front of us and then cocking his head and thinking, “I don’t think so… I think it needs to be another six inches to the left…”, that’s an extraordinary sight.    - Sir David Attenborough 

Just giving credit where credit is due--these birds have been tidying, arranging things by color, and surrounding themselves with what sparks joy way before Marie Kondo. On a personal note, I share their commitment to bright colors, intentional maximalism, and moss lawns. 


As Tennessee's first KonMari Consultant, Monika Miller loves helping people "en-lighten" themselves a little bit by deculttering their homes. She believes that more is more, but more of what? For her that means more space for her wig collection, more time for outdoor adventures, and more flexibility to pursue a new life-path. Coming to KonMari consulting from a career as an architect, she says, “I used to design buildings, but now I just make the space.”