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home organization




This is a service for those who want a bit more time and information before they jump in to the organizing process. Or for those who feel that they need to convince their partner to get on board. In this consultation I will make the financial, health, and spiritual case to inspire you to finally tackle this process. I will give you resources and guidance on how to do this on your own, or this can be the beginning of our work together.  

90 minute introductory in-home consultation: $120
available in virtual format for out-of-town clients

Please note: I love working with couples and kids, however, this is a personal process—you can go through this process without involving your partner. 



When you work with me, you hire a benevolent boss who guides you to make intuitive choices, makes sure you stay on track, and works alongside you. I organize tasks into bite-sized pieces, starting with clothes, books, papers, objects, and lastly sentimental items. As we create order, your ideal life starts to materialize. I love getting out of bed to witness this process and soon you will too. Prepare to be amazed! 


start with booking a the 'plant a seed' consultation to find out more

design services



As both an architect with 20 years experience and a Master KonMari® Consultant, I can attest that the KonMari® Method is an essential value-clarifying exercise to do ahead of investing in the construction of a new home or a renovation of your an existing one.


Assuming you're one of my clients or have done this process for yourself, I'm happy to work with you. In this design consultation I will help you clarify your ideas and give you immediate feedback on the viability and desirability of your project. I will also propose some alternative design solutions.  

design consultations start at $300 


For your reference, here are examples of some of my design work at Elizabeth Eason Architecture, Knoxville's premiere local sustainable design firm.

Sugar Grove Farmhouse   Azalea Lakehouse  Wilhoite Renovation 




I have witnessed the transformative power of  decluttering in my own life and in the homes and lives of my clients. This is the best thing I have done with my life or as a job and I'm excited to talk about it!

Using humor, philosophy, and real life examples I will show you how to turn what has been considered a chore into a festival of personal growth that reaches far beyond your t-shirt drawer, even if it had its humble beginnings there.

I'm available for workshops, speaking engagements, wellness and corporate retreats. Let me know what you have in mind. 

signature 1.5-hr Workshop, please inquire for pricing 


Contact me with any questions or to schedule a phone call to discuss your project. 

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