The layout of your home and the objects in it have a huge influence on your life! Show me your home and I’ll tell you how it’s making or breaking your life. If you’re looking for a change in your home or your life this one consultation can set you on the right path.


My approach is part Feng Shui / part KonMari / part architecture. I will visit your home and observe it in its natural state. I’ll let you know what I think is and isn’t working. Then, we will make a plan of action toward creating ideal spaces that are tailored to your unique needs.

This can be the first part of your KonMari journey, or our first meeting for a design project, or it can be a stand-alone service. Either way you’ll have a lot more clarity about what you need to do in your home.



Clearing the space in which you live is the first step towards living with a clearer heart and mind. Guided KonMari sessions are for those who see the value in having expert assistance that ensures your KonMari journey will take less time, be more successful, and way more fun.


I will bring my experience, training, and sense of humor as you make your way through the KonMari process, category by category.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime process that helps you get and stay organized. 


If you're interested in starting on your journey or simply would like to learn more, sign up for a free phone or FaceTime consultation.



Are you thinking about renovating a part of your home, but weren’t planning to hire a full service architecture firm?

Let me help you think through your ideas and propose something that works for you and makes sense for the home. We’ll start with an on-site design consultation where we’ll discuss some options. I can provide sketches or a quick 3d model to help you visualize the re-configured space. We’ll let your contractor handle the rest.



I have witnessed the transformative power of KonMari in my own life and in the homes and lives of my clients. This is the best thing I have done with my life or as a job and I'm excited to talk about it!

Using humor, philosophy, and real life examples I will show you how to turn what has been considered a chore into a festival of personal growth that reaches far beyond your t-shirt drawer, even if it had it's humble beginnings there.